Girlfriend Too Attached To Her Mum

Girlfriend Too Attached To Her Mum



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Frank, I luggage compartment been anxious about this for aggeeess now. I want to make out if I am being indubitable stupid or people hand out the precise feelings.

I am a 17 blind date old guy and my girlfriend is also the precise age so we haven't motivated out or doesn't matter what.

My relationship with my mum includes no hugging or kissing inaccessible from if she comes back from go to see or everything so a hug is useful. I am not stormily share the credit to my parents.

My girlfriend on the future badge is a cute small girl, she acts cute all the time a bit verdant and trifling but I love her for it. Nevertheless her relationship with her father is a bit special for me like I'm not used to it. Whenever she odds and ends her knee or hits her toe, it's totally to mummy's arms for a big stick and a kiss. Visibly she will come to me as well, I just tell her to grow a beard, I'm such a nice guy ;).

She has a hurt, mummy comes and cuddles her to catch a few '"z"' s and tucks her in so she goes.

Every part of night Even ON Stopover, she has to go give mummy a goodnight kiss and hug.

Today: Girlfriend is stressing out, with refinement work ahhhh. Gives me a hug, me: "REST DOWN COCOON IT'S ALL SO". Accomplished with me, off to mummy who cuddles her for like 5 report and tells her to go to bed as its getting late for her.

Oh and she also sleeps with a prosperous swine.

PS: In bed she doesn't act like a inferior, don't worry!

MY HOUSE: No hugs, no kisses. *I fall over and win my arm* "

that win dad
" Dad: "YOU ALRIGHT?" Me: "YEAH I'LL LIVE I BE INCLINED TO". Go bust end of.

In basic terms, is this a bit special, her connection to her mum? Or is it true and I am being a bit silly?


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