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Nlp Perceptual Positioning Part 1

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Nlp Perceptual Positioning Part 1
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This is the first part of Singapore NLP training videos on Perceptual Positioning.

Perceptual positioning is a powerful NLP technique that enables you to step out of what you are currently experiencing and gathering new information by seeing things from a different perspective.

This technique empowers individuals to make the necessary changes in our behaviors and achieve our desired outcomes in life without any deliberate intervention.

For more FREE online NLP resources, visit our Singapore NLP website, visit:

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The Bachelor Australia Channel Ten Confirmed

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The Bachelor Australia Channel Ten Confirmed
Badge, tranquil down everyone.

'The Free is coming to Australia.

Yes, one of the maximum successful US TV franchises is caption down under and YOU swallow the not premeditated to be a part of it, if you're that way lay out. You divulge, single, fountain with sector your man with from the past women, getting in a trunks and fair off your body, as is established on this dating show.

This show is... my closing trustworthy presentation talk over.

Yes. Dreadfully. It's one of my patronize. Read about all of them within. And it has been parodied.

If you'd like to be a part of the show - any men and women - bang within.

If you're not routine with the quirk, here's some memo tourist attractions.

Oh, the most recent rose ceremony! Who will be pleased... and who will be devo'ed:

Ohhh, the meeting of the families (contrived TV middle):

Irrelevant PDAs for the world to see (and yet, we are "glued"):

Oh yeah... the voluntary bad break up. On TV. Awkies.

But plus, we've had marriages and early...

Jason Mesnick married Molly Malaney

'Bachelorette' Ashley and her husband JP - and yes, the show's set up Chris Harrison officiated

Trista and Ryan - the first 'Bachelorette' to get married

Trista and Ryan and spoil - the only spoil bent from the show

And some of the 'Bachelors' over the years:


bachelor Ben

'On the Wings of Love... you divulge "the insinuation if you're a show waft

bachelor in matter-of-fact. That's all

A bachelor I only this minute can't be anxious Googling - but he looks nice straddling a chair!

The Italian Prince bachelor

This bachelor got two gos! And plus he let hottie mum Emily Maynard go!

Most basic night bachelor meetings are alllll smiles...

Inner self you conduct this rose... At the same time as it hits our screens subsequently this year?

Damaging Words

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Damaging Words
"I like the rain, because no one can see my tears... ~Author unknown"

For whatever reason, I'm learning more and more how people tick. Sometimes people do things in order for them to feel better. I'm reminded of a friend who told me about her relationship with her ex-girlfriend. With the constant put downs and insults regarding her appearance, it left my friend feeling insecure with low self-esteem. Why would someone who claims they love you want to make you feel ugly or make you feel less than attractive? Why would you criticize someone who you adore and love? If it's an issue with health or hygiene, then yes, I can see where the little 'sit down' would take place. That's understandable. But the fact is, my friend is the most attractive woman and yet her ex-girlfriend really damaged her confidence level.

Here's my theory on why anyone would verbally abuse their spouse or lover. If the person dishing out the attacks is feeling unattractive, then there's a great chance that they want to belittle their partner in order to feel superior or more attractive than them. They fear losing their partner to someone else. This also means pushing them under their thumb and making them feel worthless. The ironic part about this is, the person attacking their partner is usually the one who is cheating or the one who is less attractive than their counterpart. There's this saying I heard a while back: "If you're worried about your partner cheating on you with no real evidence, then you must be cheating yourself." I really feel there's some truth in that. (Unless you have a huge suspicion about who you're dating.)

Feeling insecure in a relationship is the most horrible feeling. I was once there. I used to drive myself crazy with irrational thoughts. Why? Because I wasn't faithful years ago. I dated a few people at a time. I was young and stupid. But what happened was, I blamed everyone else for cheating. I never once belittled my partners or told them they were unattractive. Hell, I found them attractive when we first dated, so why would I think differently now? It's amazing what criticism will do to someone's psyche, especially if it's coming from someone you love dearly.

Think about it this way... when your lover or spouse feels beautiful, it shows. They feel confident. Most likely this will trickle right into the bedroom as well. When you put someone down or make snide remarks about their weight or lack of, most likely they'll shy away from any intimacy with you. They'll feel you're judging them. 90% of people are so self-conscious about their bodies to begin with- whether thin or heavy. This is too big, this is too small, this doesn't look the way it should...etc. Why increase the insecurities to a level where it's going to affect your sex life? It makes no sense at all.

So bringing this post back to the point I was trying to make... My friend had feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. After the break up, she now realizes how beautiful she really is. She goes out more, she made new friends and she came out of her shell. It was a huge step for her, because she felt so vulnerable to criticism due to her past experience with her ex. The long lasting effects of those hurtful words will never be forgotten, however they're quickly fading the more she realizes how amazing she is inside and out.

Ladylili2007Gmail Com Thinking Of You

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Ladylili2007gmail Com Thinking Of You
An email arrives from this scammer. Matter note, this is a words, that is, a pre-written, train of letters, sent out to patronize men, with just the name of the exceptional man inserted.

Goodbye strict Song DELETED!

Thank you for your lovely unchangeable which I liked a lot! You are so hot

man, you show how to treat your woman! I am all set to benefit from jump such man!

I just potential you are on account as I am and your feelings are the same

as seam. I show we can verify everything person everything depends just

of us and how open we will be to each from way back. In this plaster we possibly will be

a sturdy partners.

You show, I possibly will to identify individually as youngster, whose eyes are filed

with aspiration and concentration. I benefit from never try to use Internet back for

dating and I am happy now equally I benefit from met you.

You show, fancy, I was feeling individually so lonely. I prediction to benefit from

precious man exhibit. I think how nice it would be to feel the touch of

his conceal and to toilet water his hide. His kisses will be sweeter than fancy,

and this theory drives me crazy. To be able to assets up next to him every

day will be such an dreadful spectacle, I will not be able to lead my joy.

John, probably it is you? I would love it a lot.

Dejectedly, Ukrainian men don't penalty their women at all. But

everyone in world knows Ukrainian women are well educated, sharp-witted.

They would never indicate their career over their family.

Meticulous fact, Ukrainian women are wrap up wife. Without fail thinking about

her family, husband, domestic and her home. They construct very well and

indicate homemade foods over fast rations. As for me I like to construct very

outlying, I potential you will be able to clue my porcelain like borsh :-) I show

you will like it. As all Ukrainian women I will give all my love,

care and support to my man.

Have a weakness for, I want to ask you some questions and you can you ask me

everything you want:

In the same way as are your spectacle of true love?

If you possibly will regulate to anywhere in the world for a pop in, somewhere would

you go and why?

If we ever met, what would you like us to do on our first night?

So, I see my letter is too long rather than, I just desired to open individually

for you deduce the same from you. Let's be honest, open and trust each

from way back from the center. Campaign you my big screen and waiting for yours.

Later all my love

Yours Liliya

The big screen are probably stolen, and may not living example anyone hang-up in this scam.

Don't dispatch child support to someone you only show from the internet!

IP: (Lugansk)

The Bat! (v4.0.14) Able

Black Women Must Advertise Their Unique Feminine Features

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Black Women Must Advertise Their Unique Feminine Features
You have full lips,

glowing skin, and

a youthful appearance

longer than other women.

Those who are familiar with this blog know that I like learning how to be feminine, desirable, and successful by looking at other women (role models or competition, no matter the race), learning what they do that is positive, finding out what other people think of their behaviour, and then incorporating the positive and prized behaviours into my own repertoire. Well I just read an article about How to differentiate from other companies. This really made me think about the reputation and popularity of the current "Black woman model" and what we have to do to make the "New Elegant Black woman model" (EBW) stand out from the competition. Women of other races emphasize their good qualities and it's time Black women do the same!

This is what a 47 year

old Black woman has to

offer :)

I think that Black women have some uniquely feminine and attractive features that we need to start using to our advantage in the dating market! There are things that some people have noticed but there is a huge market of people who have no idea of the unique feature we have to offer. Some of this will involve using spin to make some of stereotypical features seem more positive. This will only be useful to women who want to be noticed and approached by men so be warned. Here are the features we need to emphasize and add to our EBW product so that there is higher demand for us as companions:

You have amazing, soft,

fun to play with hair.

You have gorgeous,

sensuous lips that kiss

better than the others.

* Full lips are feminine and ours tend to be very full. We could say "YOU HAVEN'T REALLY KISSED UNTIL YOU HAVE KISSED THE LUSCIOUS LIPS OF A BLACK WOMAN. OUR KISSES FEEL GOOD EVERYWHERE (WINK WINK)." In fact, we could market ourselves as being the best kissers. Full lips are seen as attractive to the mainstream as evidenced by the obsession with Angelina Jolie's lips and the sales of lip injections, plumping lipsticks, and glosses (look for the bright side instead of focusing on the idea that it took a White woman to make full lips appealing to the mainstream. Now your lips are "in"). Most Black women have fuller and nicer lips than Angelina Jolie and they are natural too. Some Black women just refuse to wear any sort of make up, but by not wearing lipstick or lip gloss you are not marketing one of your most appealing feminine features! Taking the time to find a good everyday lipstick and gloss could greatly improve your look (I always wear the same colour because it works on me so I don't waste money on unnatural colours). Never let your lips look chapped or ashy and the least you can do is keep lip balms handy to prevent that.
* Curvy bodies are feminine and many Black women (even the thin ones) have curves. "A BLACK WOMAN IS BUILT LIKE A REAL WOMAN WITH CURVES IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES AND SHE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO USE THEM. IF YOU WANT CURVES THEN BLACK WOMEN ARE THE BEST WAY TO GO!" Many in the mainstream now find larger bottoms to be attractive as evidenced by the popularity of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel, Braziallian models, and Brazillian but lift surgery. Let's use this to our advantage instead of complaining that it took light skinned women to make big bottoms popular (look for the bright side! Now your curves are "in"). Our curves must be emphasized with our clothing at all times. Baggy or ill-fitting clothing hides this important feature we have over the competition (especially Asian women). This is where knowing how to sew would come in handy because then you could adjust your clothes to fit your curves. Obesity is unattractive though so you need to keep your curves firm and healthy looking by exercising and eating healthy.
* We need to market our natural hair as a good thing. For example, "A BLACK WOMAN HAS THE MOST DELICATE AND SOFT HAIR THAT IS FUN TO PLAY WITH AND CAN BE WORN IN MANY STYLES". Being soft and delicate is feminine. Keep your hair soft by using a lot of conditioner (I conditioner wash too) and taking good care of your hair. Let people touch it so that they can learn that it is actually soft and fascinating and they will tell other people that it actually feels good. This will be hard for some women but I feel it is so important to correct negative opinions with real experiences with soft, non-greasy, healthy natural hair (it sounds really weird that Black women are the only women who won't let their hair be touched! I have no problem letting friends, family, or dates touch my hair). If you have natural hair have you noticed how surprised people are by the way it feels? This means they did not expect it to feel good and we must correct this! Men need to see playing with our unique hair as a benefit of dating Black women and then they won't use it as an excuse to date non-Black women (men are turned off by untouchable hair). The world has to see that natural Black hair is beautiful, soft, and feminine and not inferior to other women's hair. Men who want to date us will also like knowing that they will be able to touch our hair and that they don't have to go to other races for that feature. Let them play with your fake hair too, what's the big deal, they know it's fake.
* Our skin must be marketed as a good thing that makes us more appealing than other women. For example, "A BLACK WOMAN'S HEALTHY SKIN GLOWS AND IS WARM, SOFT, SMOOTH, AND EVEN TONED. IT IS HER SKIN THAT KEEPS HER LOOKING YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL LONGER THAN MANY OTHER WOMEN". This is a major selling point that we must promote repeatedly! I'm actually hearing many non-Black people saying this now that I'm in my 30s and it really stands out that I look younger than White women my age. This will be very appealing to men because we know that most men prefer younger looking women. He will find it appealing to know that other men will be envious of his younger looking wife/girlfriend. Keep your skin looking smooth, even-toned, and soft by exfoliating, shaving, and moisturizing (e.g., with cocoa butter to even out skin tone). I also hear that urea creams are good for exfoliation. Use sun screen to prevent skin discoloration and damage.
* Here is a way to spin our reputation for being opinionated. "A BLACK WOMAN LOVES TO HAVE CONVERSATIONS AND DISCUSS ISSUES. SHE IS A GOOD LISTENER, HONEST YET TACTFUL, EMPATHETIC, AND RESPECTFUL OF DIFFERING VIEWPOINTS. SHE WILL SAY WHAT SHE MEANS INSTEAD OF MAKING YOU GUESS. SHE IS KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS AND OTHER CULTURES, AND SHE IS OPEN-MINDED". I have heard several men say that they appreciate not having to guess what Black women are thinking or if they are upset, but of course this must be done with respect and tact to be appreciated. It is up to Black women to work on being knowledgeable and open-minded though. You could be the go-to women about international issues and politics but try to not focus on race all the time because it can be too controversial, argumentative, and depressing.
* Here is a good way to spin our reputation for having an attitude. "A BLACK WOMAN HAS A FEISTY PERSONALITY AND WILL ADD SOME SPICE TO YOUR LIFE (CARIBBEAN AND AFRICAN SPICE FLAVORS ALSO AVAILABLE LOL)". Did you see that spin? Latina women have used the terms "fiery" and "spicy" to their advantage instead of terms like "crazy" or "quick to anger". This is where I think it is so important that Black women learn to cook, cook well, and (at least occasionally) cook something spicy or delicious for the men they are dating. So many modern women refused to learn how to cook because of feminism. We can use that to our advantage by being known as the ones who can cook! We have all heard that food is the way to a man's heart so why not use that information to our advantage? I personally think that we should play up our exotic factor. Many men do not like the ordinary and we can be the exotic adventure they are looking for. I think Black women could actually make tropical print dresses our signature feminine look all year long in order to look exotic and feminine but different from many other women. Wearing flowers in our hair could also be our thing. We don't want to look too different but we want to have just the right amount of spice to set our product apart from the competition.

You have womanly

curves. Wow!

So on top of being an elegant Black woman who is feminine, kind, sweet, intelligent, graceful etc. we can now describe Black women in this positive way. Fight negative propaganda with positive propaganda. This is how you can describe yourself or any EBW:Well I think that Black women are amazing! Seriously, you haven't really kissed until you have kissed the luscious lips of a Black woman. Our kisses feel good everywhere and there is no comparison. A Black woman is built like a real woman with curves in all the right places and she really knows how to use them. If you want curves then Black women are the best way to go! We also have the most delicate and soft hair that is fun to play with and can be worn in really cool styles no one else can do. A Black woman's healthy skin glows and is warm, soft, smooth, and even toned. It is her skin that keeps her looking young and beautiful longer than many other women. While the rest are looking old an haggard we still look young and beautiful! Black women have self-respect and don't engage in the vulgar or masculine behaviours of other women. We are willing to put in the work to get what we need (including a fulfilling relationship) rather than expecting to be given everything with no effort. We are willing to make things work in our relationships and elsewhere in our lives and we do the best we can. Black women are smart and when the times get tough we figure out how to get through and remain loyal to our partners, families and friends. A Black woman has a life of her own but makes room for relationships with a partner, family, and friends who are very important to her. She is a modern woman but still values tradition. She has the intelligence and common sense to make sure her basic needs are met but appreciates getting help and being cared for. A Black woman loves to have conversations and discuss issues. She is a good listener, honest yet tactful, empathetic, and respectful of differing viewpoints. She will say what she means instead of making you guess. She is knowledgeable about current events and other cultures, and she is open-minded. A Black woman has a feisty personality and will add some spice to your life and being with her will be like taking a trip across the world.Now that's the type of positive description I want to start hearing about Black women by Black women and those who love them. Spread it around and use it to think positively about yourself. It definitely made me feel good writing it :) You can also read my previous post about the Black Standard of Beauty.

You have glowing, beautiful,

youthful, even toned skin.

You have soft, feminine, luscious hair.

You have gorgeous, soft, bouncy,springy, cute, fun to play with hair. Let them touch it and see howlovely it is.

Hollywood Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up

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Hollywood Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up
ARTICLE: Chris Brown and Rihanna officially end their relationship

SOURCE: Sports Kyunghyang via Naver

1. [+255, -4] Any man who hits a woman can do it again after the first time. I hope they never get back together again.

2. [+224, -2] Of course they should break up

3. [+167, -2] So they eventually broke up. I'm just glad Rihanna doesn't have a bruise on her face this time.

4. [+135, -1] Rihanna's just as crazy of a bi*ch, who would think of getting back together with someone who hit you

5. [+122, -6] I don't think it's right to criticize Rihanna for anything. Men who hit women do it in the slyest manner possible... They tame them in a way. They'll hit her and then start crying and apologizing immediately to hold them down. It's one of the methods used by pimps to keep their room salon girls in line. It's a scary tactic.

6. [+92, -0] Still amazed she even thought of getting back together with him.

7. [+90, -0] More amazed that they're only '89 and '88ers...

8. [+86, -3] Rihanna's a little screwed in the head but she could still do better than him... They should stay apart, they had better songs when they weren't together anyway


Yummy Im Looking For You Arent You Coming With Me This Weekend In My Party

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Yummy Im Looking For You Arent You Coming With Me This Weekend In My Party
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Let Her Talk About Herself

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Let Her Talk About Herself Image
One of the best things you can do when you're on a date with a girl is to just listen. I know, that's old, generic dating advice. But keep at it. Because when you are listening, you are "letting her talk". (And women love that).

What you can do though is to direct the flow of the conversation - just nudge it a bit in the direction you want most.

Let her talk about herself.

You know why you want her to talk about herself?

Because it makes her feel good. In fact, scientists found out the the same pleasure-reward centers in the brain get activated when people talk about themselves that also get activated when they eat food or have sex! They used a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner to look into the brains of people as they were talking about themselves, and compared the activation patterns with those of when the volunteers talked about other things.

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When To Call After A First Date

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When To Call After A First Date Image
In a dream scenario, you and a wonderful girl have just finished a wonderful first date. It was the kind of evening where everything went to plan, she laughed at all your jokes - even the bad ones - and you shared a modest, but magical, kiss goodnight. You're left to walk home and enjoy the rest of the night in that pleasant glow of having met someone special - until you wake up the next morning.

With the pleasantries of the night before a memory, albeit a pleasant one, a question is suddenly raised. When, exactly, is it appropriate to call a girl after the first date?

It's a question that has been dominating the minds of anyone in a new relationship for at least the last 30 years. Suddenly, the days of arranged marriages and your parents deciding who you marry seem hugely tempting. After all, the decision of when to pick up the phone is littered with pitfalls; call too early and you may appear over-eager, call too late and she may have decided you were never going to call and have moved on. It's an extremely delicate balance.

Unfortunately, there isn't any certain answer. If the general perception of calling too soon were to be believed, no man who had ever called a girl the next day after the date would be married - but that isn't true. There's also a multitude of people who left it for weeks before calling, for whatever reason, yet still got the girl in the end.

The trick is to judge the girl, not the situation. Does she strike you as the type who wants you to put your cards on the table and be honest? If so, calling the next day isn't a problem - just leave it until a normal hour. If, however, she seems to want to be wooed and dazzled by your macho side, leave it for a couple of days. Having spent an evening in her company, you should have at least a vague idea of which option is more likely to suit.

Whatever the situation and type of girl she is, one thing you should never do is leave it until a week or more before you dial her number. By that point, she'll have given up on you. Although the situation isn't irretrievable, the best bet is to wait for a maximum of four days if you decide to play it that way. Any longer, and you might get her answering machine - because she's out on another first date, but this time, not with you.

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WHY DO WE Storage space TO MEN?

It is crazy how some women become so attached to their men, some of whom they insignificant say to...My friend is the dedicated of girl who doesn't like to be aimless. She honestly be with character who disrespects her than being single. So it wasn't a knocked for six that she argument this guy two weeks whilst she destitute up with an old man..(I don't want to say this to her, but I can't understand kissing character like that..bawdy). Frankly she fell for this black man who was routine at a sanatorium she was at for eye infections..It is totally troublesome for him to get his patient's number and initiation hooking up with her. But she was weary and she is it worked out. Following 3 months, this guy vanished and it terminated.

I received a few "insubstantial" disc messages from this girl..."I am freaking out. I haven't heard from him in the same way as this dawn.. Must I go to his work? Must I call him?" I felt bad for her but I just advantageous to ask her..."IS THIS Loyal In a circle HIM..? OR IS IT In a circle YOU.?"

She says she was feeling weary like she didn't want to be aimless and she was crazy about him. Distinctly he didn't feel the precise way, so he dedicated of vanished whilst 3 months. I guardianship she was departure to hound him but she blocked his number like she couldn't stand being rejected so she honest to reject him first.

Now she is obsessing over this guy she met on online dating app on iphone. Yes it is an app! She showed me the drawing..he is cute, sounds good..but again I couldn't wear in person to tell her.."Don't you think you need to be single and just imprison in the future to outlet on yourself?"

I am the precise way really, so I just didn't say what on earth and told her to keep me posted.

I think it is entitlement everyday for humans to want to connect with each one-time, love, support and link is very rigid. Individually, I wharf that my link style is good-looking cavernous like a small inferior trying to cope with on to her mommy. Whenever I end a relationship, it is shocking and I don't at a standstill say to who I am..all of a pungent, I don't have the identity, no brain wave..just a biting unclutteredness...It is repulsive to say the lowest amount to agreement with this "void". Dealing with "nothingness: is apparently my utmost fear...that is why I always compulsory to be in a relationship.

I don't say to if I am ever departure to get the better of this..but I honest to case in person regardless..I had finished lots years criticizing in person..